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Thank you for your interest in the One New Man Alliance, Inc.

(An affiliate of Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, International)

O.N.M.A. is comprised of individuals (laypersons, as well as ministers) and ministries united in seeking “end time” revival and awakening through unifying all people (Jew and Gentile) as the Bride of Jesus (Yeshua).

All believers affiliated with the O.N.M.A. are committed to serving God and bringing reconciliation between all groups of people (Jews and Gentiles), as we prepare for our Lord, Yeshua’s, near return. Our ministry is dedicated to the return of the Shoot (the Church) to her Hebraic Roots (according to Romans 11), including the Biblical feasts. The O.N.M.A. is dedicated to every person and ministry involved in this fellowship.

After agreeing with the O.N.M.A. goals, we invite you to become a member of our organization – allowing God to unite your ministry with those working together in alignment

  • Bring unity among (*like-minded) ministers and ministries
  • Credential (**creditable) candidates to licensing and ordination
  • Accept established ministers and ministries for the purposes of networking and ministerial support
  • Train new ministers and “set forth” their ministries and support them in their work for the Kingdom of God
  • Act as an organizational covering for ministers and ministries who are seeking authoritative accountability
  • Act as a covering and connection for house churches
  • Act as a covering and connection for Messianic congregations
  • Act as a ministry allowing all ministers to use their Biblical gifts to accomplish Kingdom goals
  • Support established ministries in the process of application to Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, International; where they have available use of a 501c3, affording them the opportunity to receive gifts and donations
  • Provide support to every established member and also to those who have chosen to (only) affiliate with this ministry
  • Honor the feasts of Israel as appointed by God
*like-minded: those believing in the One New Man message to bring unity among Jews and Gentiles and to return the Shoot (Church)
back to her Hebraic Roots (Biblical Feasts, etc.)
**creditable: those meeting the criteria set forth by the O.N.M.A.